Watch HD Movies With Cinemax Online With 30-Day Trail

Cinemax is a cable and TV network which is owned by Home Box Office, Inc. They televise theatre feature movies, documentaries, behind-the-scenes, and their very own original series. Cinemax offers a free trial to new users that last for 7 days. Their name was coined from cinema and maximum. As of 2011, they had up to 16.7 million subscribers in the United States.

Cinemax provides content that is action-packed and up to date in today’s entertainment. In addition to that, they also offer original programs to their users. You can watch Cinemax on your television or download it as an application on your Smartphone. Continue reading to know how you can Sign up for Cinemax Free – 30 Days Trial and start streaming content.

Users can redeem this free trial through to the 31st of August. You can do this by going into YouTube TV settings. Then head to the membership section and under add-ons enable Cinemax access. Normally, Cinemax only offers a 7-day free trial so users are getting a reasonably good deal here. However, it is worth noting that there is a catch with this deal.

Unlike other free trials, this one will not end automatically. After your 30-day period is over you will need to manually cancel. This is something to keep in mind and perhaps set a reminder for the end of the month if you are likely to forget.

If you do not cancel then you will end up paying an extra $9.99 a month on top of your YouTube TV subscription fee. In the promotional statement surrounding the deal, YouTube TV does recognize this slight catch. They are not trying to hide it in fairness to them but it is still a little bit sneaky.

Before you reach your 30-day trial end you will also receive an email letting you know so you have the opportunity to cancel then. Overall, this seems like a nice little perk for YouTube TV’s customers. Given how much they are paying it is good to see they are getting something decent in return. Just remember to cancel the trial to make sure you do not get charged after your month is over.

How to get 3 weeks of Cinemax free trials

Like several other premium networks, Cinemax is available through multiple platforms as a 3rd party. Most platforms will often offer you a free trial to each premium network with the hope that you keep the add-on.

  • Amazon Channels (7 Days) -Amazon offers many 3rd party streaming services including Cinemax which has a 7-day trial here. You will need to have either a Prime account already or get a 30-day trial to this also.
  • AT&T TV Now (7 Days) – When You signup to the AT&T Internet TV service you can add a number of premium networks all with a 7 day free trial, including Cinemax for 7 days here. AT&T TV will also be on a 7-day trial.
  • Hulu (7 Days) – Hulu is a very popular service with the option of many add-ons, Cinemax is one of these with that you can add for 7 days free. If you do not already have Hulu then you will get a 1 month trial for this also. Click here for Hulu.