Unusual presentation of Chordoma in distal radius

Vol 4 | Issue 2 | July-Dec 2018 | Page 33-35 | Subin Sugath, Jayashree, Shrijith MB.

Authors: Subin Sugath [1], Jayashree [1], Shrijith MB [1].

[1] Dept of Regional Cancer Centre , Trivandrum.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Subin Sugath
Dept of Regional Cancer Centre , Trivandrum,


Chordoma is rarely seen in appendicular skeleton. Here we describe a rare case of chordoma occuring in distal radius. Radiograph showed ill defined lytic distal radius, meta diaphyseal lesion. IHC marker for Chordoma Brachyury was done (TMH , Mumbai), which came diffuse strongly positive- confirming the pre op diagnosis of Extra Axial Chordoma. He was treated with Wide resection of the distal radius and one bone forearm wrist arthrodesis
Keywords: Chordoma, extraxial, radius


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