Periosteal Chondroma of Radius Diaphysis – Rare Presentation

Vol 4 | Issue 2 | July-Dec 2018 | Page 23-24 | Praveen Kumar Pandey, Raaghav Rai Verma.

Authors: Praveen Kumar Pandey [1], Raaghav Rai Verma [2].

[1] Esi-pgimsr model hospital basaidarapur new Delhi – 110015 , GGSIPU university
[2] Department of orthopaedics, Dr RML Hospital, new Delhi

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Praveen Pandey,
ESI-pgimsr Model Hospital Basaidarapur new Delhi – 110015 , GGSIPU university, India


Periosteal chondroma is a rare bone tumor. This is a slow growing benign cartilaginous tumor of bone. It is rarely reported in literature among Asian population. A 35 years old female presented to orthopaedics OPD with dull aching pain and mild swelling over volar aspect right forearm. Patient advised to undergo radiographs and MRI which showed the evidence of periosteal chondroma over anteromedial aspect right radius diaphysis. Hereby we are reporting our case of periosteal chondroma of radius- a rare pathology at rare location. Patient was operated with marginal excision and showed no recurrence during 2 year follow up.
Keywords: periosteal chondroma; rare; radius; asian; marginal excision.


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