Welcome to the “Journal of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors” (JBST). This is a unique venture and is been developed as an online portal incluing the ‘Journal of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors’ along with ‘OncoMedia’ section which will contain technical videos, power point presentations and other academic material. Both these will combine together to form the ‘JBST’ portal but will also hold individual identities. The idea is to develop a single portal where all information regarding Bone and Soft tissue tumors can be found and shared.  JBST will focus to integrate knowledge from all resources and create a common wisdom pool. The focus of the journal will be clinical, medical and surgical aspects of orthopaedic oncology but will also extend to include Basic sciences, clinical trials, molecular biology; genetics, pathology; radiodiagnosis, interventional radiology, radiotherapy, biomechanics; biomaterials; nanotechnology; and also special prosthesis designs. This journal primarily aims to cater to clinicians, researchers and health-care providers whose focus is on the understanding and treatment of bone and soft tissue tumors

JBST will be an international peer review Journal with contributions from all across the globe.

What is different about JBST?

  • Integration of Knowledge starting from basic science to clinical studies to provide a unique structural overview of the entire scenario of bone and soft tissue tumors
  • Create Wisdom pool by combining Evidence Based Principles with Expertise and Experience. A section or whole issues will be dedicated to burning questions in Orthopaedic Oncology with invited articles, reviews and original work
  • Better Patient Care with inclusion of clinical relevance section to articles of JBST and Case Based discussions and debates.
  • Improve training and educational resources through video journal and ‘OncoMedia’

The entire format of the Journal will be one of ‘Integration’ with basic science, clinical trials, clinical research, case based discussion, evidence based medicine, expert opinion, Videos, keynote presentations and web resources, all aiming together to ‘Translate’ into betterment of care in Bone tumors. The submission format is kept very simple and practical and accepted articles will be in form of case reports, case series, original articles, technical notes and also metanalysis and systematic review of literature with complications or complicated cases in focus.

The Journal will include many focused and novel features including those listed below:


GUEST EDITORIALS, INTERVIEWS & EXPERT OPINIONS: These will be invited from eminent clinician/researcher who have vast experience in field of bone tumors

CASE REPORT: A single case that highlights a particular complication along with treatment strategy and methods of management of a unique/difficult/complicated case

ORIGINAL ARTICLES: Original articles on any study focused on surgical or nonsurgical treatment modality of bone and soft tissue tumors

BASIC SCIENCE: Original and review articles from field of basic research in bone tumors including genetic studies, histopathogical developments and biomechanical studies

PHARMACOLOGICAL STUDIES: Especially clinical trials and articles related to innovative drug and medical management of bone and soft tissue tumors.

ALLIED SCIENCES: articles from allied branches like radiotherapy, radiodiagnostics, interventional radiology and rehabilitation sciences would also be accepted in JBST

TECHNICAL NOTES: Specific technical tricks and pearls or improvisations during surgery or conservative management of a patient can be published in a more pictorial form including videos and graphic diagrams

CASE IMAGE: Only a single image of a unique case can spark a full fledged discussion on diagnosis and treatment of it. This section will aim to publish such images with detailed descriptions of the case

COMPLEX & COMPLICATED CASES: A primarily complex or complicated cases which is difficult to manage with multiple factors in clinical decision making. Management protocol with decision making flowchart will be included in this

CASE STUDY: The other spectrum to primary complex case is multiply operated case that now presents with unique decision making scenarios which are complex and need personalized thought process and management plan. Most focus will be on the rationale of management and ultimate result. Patient perspective will also form a part of every case study

LITERATURE REVIEW: In form of special review, metanalysis or systematic reviews focussed on one particular complications or complicated cases.

JOURNAL REVIEW: A review of articles related to orthopaedic complications that are published in last one month in other Journals

LETTER TO EDITOR: On any topic or article that is published in the journal. Readers can share their own similar cases as published in the Journal

Contact JBST: email: editor.jbst@gmail.com website: www.jbstjournal.com

JBST is official Journal of Indian Musculoskeltal Oncology Society and is published by

Indian Orthopaedic Research Group. Thane, India. 400604

Email: indian.ortho@gmail.com | Tel: 022-25834545