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A Case Series on Osteochondroma of Scapula

Volume 3 | Issue 1 | May- Aug 2017 | Page 14-16 | Rohit Santhanam, Mohan Ganesan

Authors: Rohit Santhanam [1], Mohan Ganesan [1].

[1]Department of Orthopaedics, Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital, Kilpauk, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India,

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Rohit Santhanam,
11/8 Roja street , brindavan nagar, koyambedu,
Chennai – 600092,Tamil Nadu, India.
Email: drrohitsanthanam@gmail.com


Background: Osteochondroma is the most common primary bone tumor. It commonly occurs in young people and the growth of the tumor ceases with maturity. The most common site is in long bones, namely, femur, tibia,and humerus.Osteochondroma of flat bones especially is a rarity. These tumors can arise from both the dorsal and the ventral surface. Snapping scapula syndrome is attributed to the variants arising from the ventral surface. We have evaluated five cases involving scapula and treated them successfully.
Materials and Methods: Five cases of osteochondroma were evaluated, treated, and followed up after thorough evaluation clinically and radiographically.
Observation: All the five cases were treated successfully after thorough evaluation with no signs of recurrence. Patients had symptomatic relief and snapping scapula syndrome was relieved once the tumorwas removed with theexcellent functional outcome.
Keywords: Osteochondroma, scapula, snapping scapula syndrome.


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