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Journal of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors

Volume 2 | Issue 1 | Jan – Apr 2016

ISSN 2454–5473


JBST Completes One Year  !!

First Anniversary Issue

Whats New with this Issue

1. DOI is now assigned to each article and submitted to crosref

2. Application to major indexing bodies forwarded with all the articles    

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Tata Memorial Centre – Torch bearer for Care of Cancer in India

Dr Yogesh Pachwagh, Dr Ashok Shyam

(Abstract    Full text HTML)     (Full text PDF)  (doi: 10.13107/jbst.2454–5473.141)

Osteosarcoma – Has it really been a Success Story?

Dr Shekhar M Kumta

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Osteosarcoma – A Clandestine Enigma

Dr Ashish Gulia

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Evaluation of Osteosarcoma

Dr Mandip Shah, Dr Chetan Anchan

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Radiological Review of Extremity Osteosarcoma

Dr Amit Janu, Dr Nikshita Jain, Dr Shashikant Juvekar, Dr Ashish Gulia

(Abstract    Full text HTML)      (Full text PDF)   (doi: 10.13107/jbst.2454–5473.146)

Emerging role of PET/CT in osteogenic sarcoma

Dr Nilendu C Purandare, DrVenkatesh Rangarajan

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How important are surgical margins in Osteosarcoma

Dr Thomas Cloake , Prof Lee M. Jeys

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Chemotherapy in Osteosarcoma: Current Strategies

Dr Sandeep Jain , Dr Gauri Kapoor

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Current Role of Radiation Therapy for Osteogenic Sarcoma

Dr Sangeeta Kakoti, Dr Nehal Khanna, Dr Siddhartha Laskar

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Case Report

Extraskeletal Myxoid Chondrosarcoma- Rare ‘Non-chondroid’ soft tissue Sarcoma!!!

Dr Shital Biradar, Dr Sujit Joshi, Dr Yogesh Panchwagh, Dr Vikram Ghanekar , Dr Pradeep Kothadiya

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Learning Corner

Fibrous Dysplasia- an Update

Dr Ashish Gulia, Dr Pankaj Kumar Panda

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  • JOS-IMSOS Ortho-Radio-Path (O.R.P) course
  • P.O.S. – I.M.S.O.S. O.R.P.  Meeting
  • WIROC-2015 Report

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