Watch HD Movies With Cinemax Online With 30-Day Trail

Cinemax is a cable and TV network which is owned by Home Box Office, Inc. They televise theatre feature movies, documentaries, behind-the-scenes, and their very own original series. Cinemax offers a free trial to new users that last for 7 days. Their name was coined from cinema and maximum. As of 2011, they had up to 16.7 million subscribers in the United States.

Cinemax provides content that is action-packed and up to date in today’s entertainment. In addition to that, they also offer original programs to their users. You can watch Cinemax on your television or download it as an application on your Smartphone. Continue reading to know how you can Sign up for Cinemax Free – 30 Days Trial and start streaming content.

Users can redeem this free trial through to the 31st of August. You can do this by going into YouTube TV settings. Then head to the membership section and under add-ons enable Cinemax access. Normally, Cinemax only offers a 7-day free trial so users are getting a reasonably good deal here. However, it is worth noting that there is a catch with this deal.

Unlike other free trials, this one will not end automatically. After your 30-day period is over you will need to manually cancel. This is something to keep in mind and perhaps set a reminder for the end of the month if you are likely to forget.

If you do not cancel then you will end up paying an extra $9.99 a month on top of your YouTube TV subscription fee. In the promotional statement surrounding the deal, YouTube TV does recognize this slight catch. They are not trying to hide it in fairness to them but it is still a little bit sneaky.

Before you reach your 30-day trial end you will also receive an email letting you know so you have the opportunity to cancel then. Overall, this seems like a nice little perk for YouTube TV’s customers. Given how much they are paying it is good to see they are getting something decent in return. Just remember to cancel the trial to make sure you do not get charged after your month is over.

How to get 3 weeks of Cinemax free trials

Like several other premium networks, Cinemax is available through multiple platforms as a 3rd party. Most platforms will often offer you a free trial to each premium network with the hope that you keep the add-on.

  • Amazon Channels (7 Days) -Amazon offers many 3rd party streaming services including Cinemax which has a 7-day trial here. You will need to have either a Prime account already or get a 30-day trial to this also.
  • AT&T TV Now (7 Days) – When You signup to the AT&T Internet TV service you can add a number of premium networks all with a 7 day free trial, including Cinemax for 7 days here. AT&T TV will also be on a 7-day trial.
  • Hulu (7 Days) – Hulu is a very popular service with the option of many add-ons, Cinemax is one of these with that you can add for 7 days free. If you do not already have Hulu then you will get a 1 month trial for this also. Click here for Hulu.

Is Jungle Scout Really Worth? – Customer Reviews

Are you are planning to sell on Amazon? Then the most important factor you will think about is “How to find profitable products on Amazon?” Here is the solution! Instead of spending so many hours doing the product research, just use the smart jungle scout tools to do your product research in 10 mins. Jungle Scout is the most reliable and must-try tool to earn a pocket full of dollars on Amazon.

Jungle Scout comes in two different products, web apps and Chrome extensions which helps to filter amazon product categories and choose your own criteria of products. Find amazing discounts from time to time from us as sometimes we get exclusive deals to promote from Jungle Scout without partnership.

Jungle Scout honors and supports military members who actively make sacrifices so that we can enjoy the daily freedoms we do. As a small gesture to show our gratitude, we want to support active military and veterans leverage Amazon to build successful businesses. We are 100% sure jungle scout discount codes are best when compared to other services on our extensions and monthly web app subscriptions.

There is no other group with leadership, intelligence, work ethic, and discipline than someone who has served in the United States military. My father served for more than 20 years in the military, and I have seen those skills translate directly to a successful business career.

The FBA charges change as per the item, so to keep a net revenue on the exchange, the merchants must remember what they are offering and the amount they are offering it for. When they comprehend the sales, they can incorporate the stock of profitable items and furthermore lookout for competitors’ performance. A standout amongst the best ways by which dealers can recognize the best items to offer on Amazon is through Jungle Scout.

Is Jungle Scout Really Worth?

Jungle Scout is a wonderful time-saving tool with a great interface. The fact that it overlays the data on top of the existing browser page, makes it super quick and easy to search and track products on Amazon. It also captures and highlights the information for all variations of a product, when performing research.

On the downside, the Product Database may provide a great source of ideas, but it doesn’t cover everything that’s listed on Amazon. You may have to do your own manual researches to find something interesting and add them to your Product Tracker. Also, the sales estimate isn’t always accurate. You would need to keep a watch on the product through the tracker to get a better idea.


  • The tool gives me all the required info in 1 clear overview.
  • Very accurate on medium – high volume products.
  • Able to see sales data history.
  • Directly view Amazon fees.


  • Not that accurate on low volume products.
  • It only works with the Chrome browser.

Pricing & Discounts:

  • A monthly plan for Extension at $39/month
  • Jungle Scout increased the annual price to $228/year from $197 (this is equal to $19/month)
  • An extension has all the features of JS Pro.
  • JS Lite will now be called Extension Lite, which will not be heavily promoted on the Website.

PhenQ – Weight Loss Pills Reviews & Results

Getting slim, losing weight, taking exercise and going on dieting seems to be a daunting task for most of the people who have put on a lot of weight. Though Genetics also play a huge role in our body structure and the shape of our core areas, things we can control are how much exercise we engage in and what we put in our bodies on daily basis. Our body is a complex machine that continuously works for us to live.

When you use cheap junk food as fuel, you get fatty and non-muscular as a result. It is similar to a vehicle in that matter. When you use unleaded 87 gas as compared to unleaded 92 gas, the same principle applies. The higher premium gas takes care of a vehicle better. This also applies to food and nutritional supplements that we take.

Unhealthy food and inferior quality supplements that are intended to cause weight loss, may be of poor quality and not able to do the job as the manufacturer marketed the medicine. One must be careful about what diet pills they take. That is why it’s important to read online reviews on products before you make a choice. After seeing many stellar reviews, this was found consistently to be a supplement product of high quality. Users consistently got the desired results they were hoping to achieve. This Phenq reviews 2019 answers all the questions that you might have about this product.

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is supplied and manufactured by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED. This company states they are proud of leading the supplements industry for over a decade. PhenQ is described as a weight loss pill that puts emphasis on many facets of weight loss and not just a typical appetite suppressant. They’re also proud of having helped over 190,000 customers!

Quality fat burners. It passes the eye test well enough and we look forward to reviewing the ingredients.
Clean label. We see everything in the formula, unlike other supplements that hide their ingredient doses.
Available in 3 sizes. 30 days, 90 days, and 150-day supplies, with the third size coming in with a freebie. We like deals like that!


Yes, PhenQ really works. I too was a bit skeptical before using it, but I am very glad I ended up purchasing the 3 month supply. You should also know that the ingredients found in this product have been studied and tested extensively. Take a look at the results from the clinical studies. The formula will help you burn more calories throughout the day. Burn more calories, lose more weight. So in case you’ve been wondering.

Does Really PhenQ Work?

The fact that this product has over 190,000 satisfied customers and that it’s backed by science should answer your question. PhenQ works great when it comes to burning fat and suppressing appetite. However, it isn’t a magic pill. You will still need to diet and exercise.

But it’s going to help a lot throughout the process. For me, it made a major difference. Controlling my appetite was a real problem for me and this is where PhenQ made a huge difference. On the official website, you’ll find plenty of more people that have shared their results.

Welcome to Taco Bell Survey & Feedback

People remember the days when they used to have paper reviews and surveys everywhere. People used to follow the traditional paper feedback methods in which we will be getting paper after our visit to any store. People even feel irritated when they were asked to do the paper surveys for a long time like 15-20 minutes. Most of the people don’t even show any kind of interest to take part in surveys. Then some people came with a creative solution and they are nothing but Online Surveys. Here we came up with a new topic called official tellthebell feedback and survey and its importance to customers.

The best thing in those online surveys is they can be completed in less time, even more, flexible as they will be in an easier format than compared to conventional paper surveys. Then every company started utilizing those surveys and have been following their outcomes. Taco bell a famous fast food restaurant chain that is an American origin is not an exception in this.

The publication’s annual fast food survey, released Wednesday, found giants like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, and Taco Bell all lagging behind their newer, hipper fast-casual counterparts, like In-N-Out Burger and Chipotle.

“After devouring 96,208 meals at 65 chains, Consumer Reports readers told us that quality of the food has become more important in their dining decisions, and convenience of location is less so,” the Consumer Reports release on the study read. “They could be reasons the traditional fast-food chains are losing their edge: Diners, especially younger adults in the millennial generation, maybe more willing to go out of their way to get a tasty meal.”

Taco Bell is an American chain of fast-food restaurants and is a California origin, also a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. These restaurants serve a variety of Tex-Mex(Texas-Mexican) foods that include tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, novelty, and specialty items. Glenn Bell is the founder of Taco Bell Restaurant who is behind the success of the company.

They have started more than 7000+ stores all around the world from its origin in 1962. That figures can simply show how a successful brand TacoBell is and how it is growing day by day. And for such a large firm there is a tremendous requirement to know the feedback of their customers. Then in such a niche space, they started availing the services of where people can give feedback on their visit to the TacoBell store.

The survey is conducted to know what the customers think about the food and services provided by Taco Bell, what their needs are. So, be honest and give your genuine feedback and accurate information as much as possible during the survey. It will be extremely helpful to assess the company’s performance and give the best experience for the diners.

Eligibility to enter the survey and the drawing

To join the survey, participants need to fulfill some requirements. You can also check the official sweepstakes rules by clicking the link at the bottom of the survey page.

  • You must be a legal resident of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia.
  • Your age should be 18 years or above.
  • You need a recent and valid purchase receipt from Taco Bell.

Take Wendy Survey

Talktowendys provides you an opportunity to share your experience, views, and opinions. This survey is mainly conducted to know the customer’s satisfaction levels. After receiving the feedback information, the company will try to meet the customer’s expectations in order to make them happy. The survey is conducted on At the end of the survey, customers will be rewarded for participating in the survey. We have provided the Talktowendys Survey instructions for your ease.

Wendys survey is designed to gather customer feedback. The purpose of wendys survey is to improve customer experience in regards to food quality and services provided by TalkToWendys encourage honest feedback so that they can focus on provided issues and concerns. Based on customer experience, employee improvement is noted and then Wendys make sure to focus on improving staff training.

Customers can take the wendys survey on at any time. However, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to adhere in order to take and complete the Wendys survey successfully. Wendys survey doesn’t take long to complete, all you need to do is to answer a few questions based on your previous experience at TalkToWendys.

TalktoWendys Customer Survey

  1. Go to the official survey website at
  2. Choose your language
  3. Now, enter the 8-digit restaurant number located at the top of your receipt
  4. Type the date as printed on the store receipt
  5. Enter your active email address
  6. Click next
  7. Read the questions carefully asked by the site.
  8. Answer each of them and if you wish, add any extra information in the space provided.
  9. After answering all questions, you will receive a coupon via your email address.
  10. Sign in to your email account and find the email from Wendy
  11. Print the coupon you received
  12. Congrats for getting a free coupon.


You must be 18 years of age, or older to participate in the survey.
You must have a purchase receipt from your recent visit to Wendy’s.
You have to take the survey in one language from English, French or Spanish.
You can only get one upon finishing the survey.
You must use the coupon before it expires.


Visit any nearby Wendy’s and make a purchase.
Keep the purchase receipt with you.
Make sure you have a PC or a Smartphone with internet access.
Visit from your PC or Smartphone.
Use the code that is printed on your receipt to enter into the survey.
Start the survey and answer all the questions to finish it.
You’ll receive a free coupon code after finishing the survey, save it.
Use the coupon code within the next 14 days to get your free BOGO Sandwich.

What are the questions about?

Just like any other survey, Wendy’s restoring survey questions are for faithful customers to answer. It comprises of questions about the restaurant and their services. They address some of the following issues:

  • Restaurant services- They want to know how you were treated while on their premises? Where the workers friendly and did you get what you ordered? Did they get the order right? Also, is the premise clean as you want?
  • Food quality and quantity- Did the quality of the food satisfy you, was it enough? Any issue about the cooking and serving of the food. They want to know your views on that. Did the food taste as you expected? Let them know so that they can change in the future.
  • Payment services- How did you pay for your dish, did you have difficulties hen paying and which mode of payment would you like them to add? If you were purchasing for a takeaway, how was the process and was it as you wanted.

How To Participate In Whataburger Survey

Presenting an opportunity for the customers to have their opinions heard, Whataburger would like you to participate in the Whataburger Survey over at the official website The WhataburgerExperience survey gives you, the customer, the chance to share your experience and offer advice or suggestions on how the food and services could be improved. In return for the efforts you put into the survey, you get rewarded with a free Whataburger to tickle your taste buds.

Whataburger has focused on its fresh, made-to-order burgers and friendly customer service since 1950 when Harmon Dobson opened the first Whataburger as a small roadside burger stands in Corpus Christi, Texas. Dobson gave his restaurant a name he hoped to hear customers say every time they took a bite of his made-to-order burgers: “What a burger!”

The reason behind restaurants conducting surveys is to know customers opinion on the food. To know whether the customer is satisfied or not. Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role in a restaurant’s success and progress. So Whataburger is also looking to ensure customer satisfaction. To know whether a customer is satisfied or not, you should ask. Hence, this survey from ChuckAlek Feedbacks.

Objectives of Whataburger Survey

There is a cost related to every action a company takes, so everything they do has a reason. So, a company has objectives for everything you do. So, let’s have a look at the objectives of Whataburger behind this survey:

  • To get to know the customer’s point of view, how they judge the services of the restaurant they went to.
  • To ensure that they are satisfying their needs and expectations. But to fulfill their expectations, they need to know what the expectations are in the first place. And to know the expectations, a survey is the best method.
  • To help the restaurant improve various aspects of it by knowing what the customer thinks about it.
  • This survey also helps the management to figure out how a store is performing.
  • If something goes wrong, customers can help throw light at it and the problem can be dealt with at the management level itself.

How To Participate In The Whataburger Survey

Before participating in the survey, one must know the rules and regulations one needs to follow and fulfill. Read each and every point carefully. Here you go

Rules and Regulations

  1. The person participating in the survey should be a legal resident of The United States of America.
  2. The bill receipt should be of a recent visit and should be valid.
  3. The specific person participating in the review should be of an age 16 years and above.
  4. One must participate in the survey within a limited period of time from the visit. The receipt might be noted as invalid if you are too late.
  5. With one receipt one customer can participate only once. If you have more than one receipt then the same person can participate once more.
  6. The employees of Whataburger or their family members or agents are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  7. After the completion of the survey, you will receive a gift card. Make sure you redeem your gift card before it expires.

How To Take The Whataburger Survey

  • Purchase something at a Whataburger and save your receipt
  • Visit the Whataburger Survey page and take the online survey
  • If your receipt doesn’t have a survey code, take the survey here instead
  • Save your code to redeem your free gift on your next Whataburger visit

Best The Forest Mods You Can’t Play Without

The Forest is a popular survival game that’s been in Early Access for years now and finally got it’s full release earlier this year. It’s a first-person survival game in the vein of Rust or DayZ, where players must survive after waking from a crashed plane in an ominous and mysterious forest. The game features an extensive multiplayer mode, where you can survive with others, or choose to hunt down others if you so wish.

The Forest mods can be a bit difficult since these games modding hasn’t been around for as long as those of other titles. The open-world survival game officially launched a little over a year ago so people have yet to come up with a ton of modifications for it just yet. Despite its relatively young age, however, there are already a handful of mods out there that are definitely worth picking up if you want to spice up your game a little bit.

With that in mind, we rounded up some of The Forest Mods from BOC you can grab right now and place them all into a neat little list for you to enjoy. We also added download links for each of them to make things even easier for you. If you’ve never played the game before it’s probably a good idea to try out the vanilla version first before installing any mods. But if you’re already a seasoned veteran, the mods below will give you something new to look forward to the next time you boot up the game.

Best The Forest Mods

Like my grandfather used to always say, there’s nothing worse than getting lost in the deep dark woods, especially when it’s teeming with cannibals. Arming yourself with this handy dandy map will have all of those suckers marked right there, so you’ll never be caught flatfooted again.

You will also be able to see the location of all players on your server. You can hover over their icon to view their name, should you be so inclined.

It’s important to know the identity of your allies in the quest for survival, even if it’s something as unfortunate as FartsOfFury.

If you’re noticing some visual inconsistencies here, please note that the included picture isn’t from the mod, but rather from the interactive map painstakingly created by a community member.

This is also very helpful, but not mod-related, so we shan’t extrapolate further. Let’s just tip our hats to the cartographers who make our lives easier.

In-Game Crosshairs

Like me, you may have a little trouble with aiming your gun or bow. I always rely on crosshairs for shooting quickly so this Mod is fantastic for anyone who needs a little help when aiming!

As the name suggests, this Mod enables crosshairs, so you have a better aim when you need to take down Mutants or cannibals. We all know cannibals and Mutants hate fire, so this will help when you next need to get your first throw correct!


There aren’t a lot of mods that affect the server in The Forest and Mods for Sims 3. However, this one does. ServerMod adds a few new settings, such as regrowing 2-5% of trees every night. Post in chat when a player is dying, as well as posting when a player connects and disconnects. These are more just quality of life changes.


By default, around 10% of trees regrow every night in The Forest. Sometimes, this might not be enough, depending on how many you’re cutting down each night. When you install the Tree Re-spawn mod, you can instantly re-spawn 10% of all missing trees by holding SHIFT & pressing R.


The Easy Building mod for The Forest is a balancing mod. It aims to reduce the building cost of every structure and building in the game by half. This is definitely a welcomed mod if you’re struggling to build a base with defenses.

How to SetUp an ADP Portal Account?

A big motivator for ADP is “Automatic Data Processing.” It is an American provider of HR executives programming and administrations. ADP was established in the year 1949 by Henry Taub. In excess of 650,000 benefactors utilize this product, and it serves in excess of 110 nations. The motto of ADP is to help associations of any sort and size in unlocking their marketing potential. The link to ADP’s authentic site is ‘ADP’ this. Here, you can get to different administrations, for example, Human asset, payroll, assessment, and advantages, and so on.

ADP portal login & sign up to employee portal which enables employees to log into the portal and make changes alone without having to visit the HR office and invest their important energy standing in the long line.

Employees can utilize different capacities which include viewing pay explanations, deal with a retirement account, set up their very own immediate store, update contact information, and so on. An employee can likewise document life change information, for example, moving, the introduction of a tyke, marriage which currently needs benefits inclusion. Using these online tools, an employee can likewise oversee different accounts. You will likewise find payroll calculators which help in calculating payrolls.

How to Set Up an ADP Portal Account?

Stage 1-Fist, Open “” and then Go to ‘Contact and Support’ >> ‘Deals.’

Stage 2-You will be diverted to a new page. Here, plan a business counsel. On the whole, you have to enter the name of your organization, your first name, last name, number of employees, and so on you likewise need to choose the administration zone you are interested in. A devoted space is assigned to enter any kind inquiry or remark.

Stage 3-Now, click on ‘Contact Sales’ and you can approach any of without toll number which is accessible 24 hours every day and 7 days seven days. On the off chance that you like to visit with deals, this administration is accessible just open from Monday to Friday, lasting from 8:00 am – midnight ET. The business official will guide you through the further procedure.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a choice to get your quote. When you join, you may get a free administration for a month or two depending on the offer accessible.

How to Login to your ADP Account?

Stage 1-Click on ‘User Logins’ choice situated at the top right corner of the site.

Stage 2-You will be diverted to a page where you will find all the different logins accessible on ADP. You can choose the fitting choice and snap on ‘Employee Login’ on the off chance that you are an employee or snap-on ‘Administrator Login’ on the off chance that you are an administrator.

Stage 3-Now, enter your username and password and then, click on ‘Login’ to log into your ADP account. You can check the ‘Recollect User ID’ box with the goal that you don’t have to enter your user ID whenever you attempt to login to your ADP account. It will automatically show up in the field.

What to do in the event that you overlook your ADP iPay password?

On the off chance that you overlook your password, click on ‘Overlooked Password’ and then, answer all the security inquiries to change your password. Then, you will be provided with a new user ID and new password to log in to the application.

The above procedure remains the equivalent in the event that you overlook your user ID.

How and Where to Buy USPS Stamps?

You realized it was all consuming, instant adoration when you saw a lot of US postage stamps. Be that as it may, just like any Romeo, you are somewhat worried to start stamp gathering because you have a disrupted inquiry regarding American stamps.

You have gone to the perfect spot as we have assembled the who, what, when, who, and other conceivable questions you need to be replied about the United States postal stamps.

On the off chance that you are another stamp authority who is intrigued about the US stamp history and different raw numbers on American philately, this article will definitely be convenient in charming the USPS stamp you have been longing for.

1) Who were the main men to be included on US postage stamps?

Did you realize that the principal US postage stamp highlighted Benjamin Franklin and George Washington? Both were remarkable figures amid the American Revolution and they earned their distinctions as the initial two men to be included on the primary United States stamps in 1847.

2) What was the littlest measure of US stamps made?

The Graf Zeppelin stamps have the most modest number of issues of complete stamps in the twentieth century. Just 61, 296 bits of these USPS stamps were sold.

Then again, the Norse American stamps were known to be the least delivered dedicatory stamps in the USA. They were imprinted in sheets of 100 stamps rather than the usual 200 stamps.

3) Are US stamps legitimate delicate?

No. US postage stamps are not legitimate delicate and thus they can’t be taken for the installment of merchandise and enterprises.

4) Are US postage stamps made in China?

No. US postage stamps are made by the United States Postal Service and they are not produced outside the nation.

General data on the United States stamps

1) Who approves USPS stamps?

The USPS alone is the main specialist to issue United States stamps. In any case, the USPS has a few approved sellers or merchants who can make custom stamps, for example, Click-N-Ship and

2) What division stamps are sold by the US postal administration?

USPS postage stamps are accessible in the accompanying divisions:

$0.01, $.02, $.03,$ .04, $.05, $.09, $.10, $.17, $.20, $.23, $.24, $.27, $.28, $.40, $.42, $.44, $.50,$ .59, $.60, $.61, $.62, $.64, $.70, $.72, $.79, $.80, $.83, $.94, $.98, $1, $2, $4.80, $4.95, $5, $16.50, and $17.50

3) What are non named American stamps?

USPS non named stamps are postage stamps that are not printed with assumed estimations in spite of the fact that they have comparing groups or postage esteems.

Be that as it may, non named stamps can be printed with letters called nonesteem pointers. Thus, these are called nonesteem pointer (NVI) stamps, and they are issued by USPS in the accompanying sections:

  • A = 15 pennies
  • B = 18 pennies
  • C = 20 pennies
  • D = 22 pennies
  • E = 25 pennies
  • F = 29 pennies
  • G = 32 pennies
  • G Postcard = 20cents
  • H = 33 pennies

4) Do stamps have expired date?

No. Postage stamps, when all is said in done, don’t have expiry dates. You can use your United States postage stamps – regardless of whether it’s an old or new issue – for whatever length of time that it is mint or it’s anything but a used stamp or a dropped stamp.

5) What are the assumed worth of US everlastingly stamps?

The USPS perpetually stamps don’t have face esteems. These non-named stamps are legitimate for top-notch sends. They are called always stamps because their esteem remains ceaselessly the equivalent regardless of whether the postal administration rates go up.

For instance on the off chance that you purchased an eternity stamp for $ 0.39 and the top-notch mail increments to $0.44, you can, in any case, use your eternity stamp in your postage for no extra charge.

How and where to buy USPS stamps?

1) How to buy stamps from USPS on the web?

Buying USPS stamps online is simple. You can buy stamps from the USPS online postal store and from other philatelic sites that issue US stamps. Keep in mind, read and comprehend the terms and conditions first before you buy stamps on the web.

2) what number of US stamps are a proportional per ounce of mail?

The quantity of US stamps identical to the ounce per mail relies upon the US postal administration rate. The USPS rate may increment every now and then. To find out about the stamps per ounce equal, you can visit the USPS postage number cruncher.

3) Where to buy US postage Christmas stamps?

You can buy Christmas stamps from any USPS branches amid the Christmas season. You can likewise have customized Christmas photograph stamps from USPS-approved sites like

4) Where to buy US stamps in Canada?

You can buy dropped US postage stamps from most neighborhood stamp sellers in Canada. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to buy mint American postage stamps, you can generally arrange over the web, all things considered, gathering stamps online are turning into a philatelic prevailing fashion. The American Postal Service ships USPS stamps to all goals around the globe.

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