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Journal of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors – Unique Status

Vol 2 | Issue 2 | May – Apr 2016 | page:1-2 | Dr Yogesh Panchwagh & Dr Ashok Shyam.

Author: Dr Yogesh Panchwagh [1] & Dr Ashok Shyam [1,2].

[1]Orthopaedic Oncology Clinic, Pune, India.
[2] Indian Orthopaedic Research Group, Thane, India
[3] Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics &Rehabilitation, Pune, India.

Address of Correspondence
Dr. Yogesh Panchwagh.
Orthopaedic Oncology Clinic, 101, Vasant plot 29, Bharat Kunj Society -2, Erandwana, Pune – 38, India.
Email: drpanchwagh@gmail.com

Journal of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumor (JBJST) enjoys a special status in being one of the unique journals exclusively dedicated to bone and soft tissue tumors. The clinical expertise and technological development has been very rapid in this field and JBST already had a demand among the clinicians involved in taking care of musculoskeletal Oncology. JBST has successfully filled this vacuum that existed and has received great support from musculoskeletal tumor surgeons and clinicians. The platform provided by JBST has been used worldwide to access articles and also to submit original research. There are other factors that further add to its uniqueness. One of the most unique point is that this is a journal that is initiated by clinicians. JBST was conceived and initiated by people who were directly involved in care of musculoskeletal tumor patients. They perceived the need of such a journal and were instrumental in moulding it in its current shape. Another unique point of JBST is that it is not a pure research journal but also a tool to educate the young trainees and practitioners. JBST has a dedicated symposium in each issue which provides a comprehensive overview of the subject along with recent updates. This is very helpful for students, trainees and practitioners of the subject. These symposium articles are written by carefully solicited authors that have years of practical experience which add to the flavour of the article. The authors are requested to add the practical tips and cases to these symposium reviews to make it much more clinically relevant rather than simply publish a theoretical review of literature. Special attention is given to students in JBST and a students corner is published in every issue which is a brief overview article on a single bone tumor. This is specially created with keeping students in mind and is co-created with help of a trainee or a student. This has received excellent response as far as student readership is concerned and we thank Dr Ashish Gulia for initiating and supporting this initiative. Oncomedia is another unique part of JBST where recent conferences, upcoming conferences and new updates regarding bone and soft tissue tumors are listed. Videos and other academic materials are also included in this section. It’s a very unique source of information to our readers and is presented in a very reader friendly manner.This particular issue is also unique as it features and is dedicated to one of the most prestigious orthopaedic oncology unit in India from Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) in Mumbai. The guest editorial is been contributed by the TMH team and it traces the journey of the hospital from its inception till today. JBST plans to continue this feature where such units, who have contributed significantly to growth of musculoskeletal oncology will be featured. We intend to include this a regular feature in JBST. Another feature that we really wish to include is academic interview, featuring individual personalities in the field of musculoskeletal oncology. Other journals from orthopaedic research group like trauma international and International Journal of Paediatric Orthopaedics have been regularly publishing such academic interviews. Hopefully JBJST will start this feature by next year. The JBST team is always looking for making the journal better with the aim to provide the best content to its reader which is presented in the most accessible and easy format. Being focussed on the subject of bone and soft tissue tumours and created and run by focussed and expert team has helped the journal achieve a unique status already and with help of the entire fraternity it is sure to grow further. If you have any suggestions for the editorial team, please feel free to write to us.
Dr Yogesh PachwaghDr Ashok Shyam

How to Cite this article: Panchwagh Y, Shyam AK. Journal of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors – Unique Status. Journal of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors May-Aug 2016; 2(2):1-2.

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