Histopathology of Giant-cell Tumor of Bone – Current Concept

Vol 3 | Issue 2 | Sep-Dec 2017 | Page 2-5| Sanjeev Shah.

Authors: Sanjeev Shah [1].

[1] Department of Pathology, Unipath Laboratory Specialty Ltd, Beside JMC House, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

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GCTB is a primary osteolytic bone tumor which can recurrence, undergo metastasis, and malignant transformation. Current understanding of molecular pathogenesis of GCTB particularly RANK on osteoclast-like GCs and RANKL on stromal cells and development of newer agents such as denosumab and INF-α has tremendously impacted management of patients with GCTB.
Keywords: Giant-cell tumor of bone histopathology, current concept.


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